Why Mobile Coupons are Genious!Like me, you probably receive a pile of coupons and flyers in the mail every month.

Here’s what I do with mine…

I go through them and create two piles. The ‘I could use these’ pile and the garbage pile. The ‘I could use these’ pile finds a spot on my kitchen counter, because – really, who wants to carry them around?

Unfortunately those coupons are never with me when deciding where to eat or where to shop and so they don’t get used.

Contrast this to a mobile coupon.

I simply opt-in to receive coupons from my favorite brands, and once a month, or a couple times a month, I receive a text message with their latest special offer or promotion.

Instead of clipping and carrying around a pile of paper coupons, I simply show the text at the point of sale to save $$, or redeem my offer.

Here are some more ways mobile coupons are better!

  • Reach non-coupon clipping consumers (90% of 18-34 year olds in Canada text, 79% of 35-44 year olds[1], what % do you think clips coupons?)
  • Pay to market only to those who like and want to receive messages from your brand…rather than paying to market to the masses through mail.
  • They cost less per person to distribute than mailers.
  • Mobile coupons are easy to use, just show the text coupon at point of sale to redeem.
  • Mobile coupons are easy to distribute, no need to coordinate printing and mailing…
  • Mobile coupons are instant. ¬†Have something you want to push out this afternoon? ¬†With paper you’re out of luck, with mobile you could do it right now. Great for bringing in extra business on a slow day!
  • Mobile coupons are shareable, 23% of people will show or forward a text marketing message to a friend[2]…this equals more exposure for your brand.
  • Mobile coupons don’t take up space and cause clutter in purses, briefcases, drawers, glove compartments, pockets, kitchen counters, etc. This means less annoyance and more use.
  • Have any you’d like to add? Share your thoughts with a comment below…

[1] Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Agency

[2] Mobile Marketing Association