What is Mobile Marketing

According to Google, roughly 200,000 searches take place every month for the phrase “what is mobile marketing”.

Even though the products of mobile marketing are familiar to many people (ex. apps, QR codes, text message marketing), the words ‘mobile marketing‘ can draw blank stares and looks of confusion. Trust me. :)

This blog post is my attempt to spell it out, in a way that makes sense…or at least makes sense to those in the marketing world.

Over at Wikipedia, ‘Mobile Marketing’ is described as “marketing on or with a mobile device“.

Still a little vague, right?

If you’re already familiar with traditional marketing, this definition (derived in part from Wikipedia), may resonate more clearly:

Mobile marketing uses mobile devices [ex. mobile phones, tablets] as the medium for communicating marketing messages.

Similar to using direct mail to distribute your marketing message to a consumer’s home, or print advertising to reach readers of a specific publication, mobile marketing distributes your marketing message directly to mobile phones.

But wait, you’re thinking: that sounds SPAMMY.

It’s not, mobile marketing is permission based – meaning, consumers make the choice to receive messages from your brand, download your app, join your VIP list for special offers via text, or scan your QR code.

With nearly 75% of Canadians owning a mobile phone, and 79% of smartphone owners saying they don’t leave home without it, it makes sense to leverage the mobile channel as part of your marketing mix.

In fact, recent research by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association finds that Canadians WANT the brands they love to connect with them via mobile!

Mobile marketing comes in a number of different forms, and it’s not a one-type fits all medium. For example, custom mobile apps are an ideal solution for some business cases, but at Big Fish Media we don’t believe that “every company needs an app”. Another type of mobile campaign might be far better suited to meet your marketing goals.

Especially if you’re already engaged with print, radio, online or any other form of marketing, it is worth taking a look at mobile. As one of our clients recently commented:

“We spent over $200,000 advertising on the radio last year and have no idea if it brought us additional business.”

Egad! With mobile they know their ROI.

If you’re a business owner, brand manager or marketing manager, and would like to discuss how you could use mobile marketing to connect with your customers and drive sales, please call us at 1-800-634-7470 or 506-645-7402.