Last week Apigee announced the findings of its 2012 Holiday Shopping survey of over 2,200 American adults who have used mobile apps to make purchases, and are aged 18 and older. The survey was conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive in August.

The survey found that three out of five (57%) would consider purchasing their holiday gifts this year on a mobile device.  The top items include:

  • Books – 32%
  • Electronics – 31%
  • Gift cards – 27%
  • DVDs/Blu-ray Discs – 26%
  • Clothing – 24%
  • Toys – 20%

When asked about the benefits of using a mobile device to buy gifts this holiday season, 82% of those surveyed said there are benefits including,

  • Browsing for deals wherever you are – 50%
  • Performing price comparisons inside a store – 48%
  • Using a mobile device to find a retail store – 40%
  • Redeeming electronic coupons – 38%
  • Secretly shopping without a spouse/significant other knowing – 25%
  • Buying embarrassing or personal items without using a work computer – 14%
  • Sneaking shopping time in at work – 12%

And mobile app users are speaking out about what it means when a retailer does not provide a mobile app.  More than half (54%) say there could be consequences when a retailer does not have a mobile app.

The top concern was that they could waste a trip to the store looking for items they don’t carry (30%). One in 5 (19%) said it makes them think the retailer is old-fashioned and 7% said it could hurt their loyalty to the store.

Interestingly, the Millenials (aged 18 – 34) are the generation most likely to say there will be consequences, and men are more likely to say so than women (58% vs. 49%).

Check out this infograph to learn more about the results:

Infograph - 2012 Holiday Shopping Survey