Selling to New Markets: The Case for Inbound MarketingModern digital technology has turned the buyer seller landscape on its head.

In the not too distant, pre-Internet, past, a buyer’s source of information about a vendor’s products or services was limited to sales reps, trade shows, magazines, newspapers, direct mail and their network of contacts.

Vendors who wished to expand into new markets were forced to duplicate their efforts by hiring more outside sales reps, attending additional trade shows, investing in larger ad buys, and so on. It was, and is, a costly way to grow a company.

Fast forward to 2014; buyers now have a world of information at their fingertips, courtesy of the Internet. The tides have changed. The reality that no company can afford to ignore is that today’s buyer is able to research purchases and search for vendors, without engaging a single supplier sales rep.

In fact, a study by CEB and Google found that the average B2B (business to business) buyer is 57% of the way through their purchase decision before engaging with a sales rep. Another by Demand Gen found that 65% of B2B buyers begin their solution research online (via web search, vendor websites and social media).

For sellers, this free flow of information means your company can now reach buyers on the other side of the country, or globe, without duplicating your efforts.

Selling to New Markets: How Expanding Companies Can Generate Awareness & LeadsIn our free, downloadable white paper we explore the research into present day B2B buyer behavior, and what the findings mean for companies who wish to expand into markets outside the borders of their state, province or country.

We show how sellers can use the information that buyers crave, to grow awareness of their company in new markets, generate qualified leads and maximize their sales and marketing ROI.