Marketing Services for Expanding Companies

Big Fish Media provides digital marketing services and marketing consulting to companies expanding within, or into, Canada and the United States.

Regardless of whether you have a sales team on the ground in every market you're developing, we'll help you get found by your ideal customers, drive more traffic to your website, and generate leads for your sales team.  We use proven systems to measure results, and show the bottom-line impact of your marketing investment.

Hiring a marketing consultant reduces overhead, enables easier cost control, and gives your team access to experts. Our clients have experienced a 900% increase in sales, being booked to capacity with international business, and a 300% increase in website traffic in less than two months (without advertising).

If you'd like to find out more about how we help expanding companies, and what marketing services we provide, please click here.

Recent Marketing Advice From Our Blog

How to Reach Buyers on the Other Side of the Country How Atlantic Canadian Companies Can Reach Buyers Across the Country

This blog post will be of interest to any company that has identified a new, non-local, market for your products or services. You're export-ready, and researching the best ways to reach buyers in a market where you don't have a physical presence. Right here in Atlantic Canada, we have many companies that are successfully selling […]

How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine

Your company website can, and should, be an important source of new leads for your sales team. As you expand, and look to generate leads and sales beyond your local region, a website allows your company to reach new potential customers without duplicating your sales and marketing efforts in every market. A great lead generating website […]

Take the Lead Saint John - Lessons in Lead Gen for Municipalities Take the Lead | Lead Gen Lessons for Municipalities

Like many Atlantic Canadian companies, the city of Saint John, in New Brunswick, wants leads. So, Discover Saint John and Enterprise Saint John have teamed up to launch a campaign asking local residents and business people to send them leads for possible events and new business. The campaign has been named "Take the Lead", and […]

3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Makes Sense for Expanding Companies 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Makes Sense for Expanding Companies

Content Marketing, which is a component of Inbound Marketing, refers to using content (ex. blogs, ebooks, videos) to generate awareness, leads and sales. Rather than paying to show your ads next to the content your ideal customers are reading, content marketing CREATES the content your ideal customers will want to read in the first place. […]

Selling to New Markets: The Case for Inbound Marketing Selling to New Markets: How Expanding Companies Can Generate Awareness, Leads & Sales

Modern digital technology has turned the buyer seller landscape on its head. In the not too distant, pre-Internet, past, a buyer’s source of information about a vendor’s products or services was limited to sales reps, trade shows, magazines, newspapers, direct mail and their network of contacts. Vendors who wished to expand into new markets were […]

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