"Blog" Post-ItBlogging is the act of writing articles and publishing them on the Internet (usually your website).

You’re reading a blog post right now. And, this post is part of our “Marketing Advice Blog“. We update it several times a month with fresh, helpful content for you.

As a marketing tool, a company blog is one piece of an effective “Inbound Marketing” strategy. Inbound Marketing aims to earn (rather than buy) the attention people, and draw them in.

In contrast, “Outbound Marketing” buys attention through radio, traditional advertising, direct mail and cold-calling (to name a few).

Why Your Company Will Benefit from a Blog…

1. Blogging Gets Your Site Found by Search Engines

In a nut shell, as a company blogs, their website gets larger. This gives search engines (such as Google) more pages to index in their database…which means more opportunities for your website to appear in search results.

If you’re a local auto dealership, and you have a review posted for each vehicle you sell – this is a great opportunity to pop up in search results for people in your city researching your brand of vehicle.

2. Blogging Brings More Traffic To Your Website

Not only will a blog bring more search traffic to your website, if you post relevant and engaging content people will want to share, and link to it. You’ll notice your website getting more social shares on sites like Twitter and Facebook…and you’ll notice more links from other websites referencing your content.

These shares have the added benefit of boosting your ranking in search engines. Why? Search engines see when other websites link to yours. This is a signal that your content is popular and relevant…and one of the best ways to boost your website closer to the top of search results.

3. Blogging Earns Trust by Showcasing Your Expertise

Blogging about your industry is a great way to demonstrate that your staff know their stuff.

4. Blogging Educates Potential Customers about Your Products/Services

Blogging is a fantastic way to get people excited about your products and services. Sounds odd, but it’s true.

If you represent a local tourism industry, your ideal blog would be full of articles about everything there is to see and do in your region, top 10 lists, write ups about local art galleries, hiking trails, golf courses, beaches, parks and on and on.

If you own a local skateboard shop your blog is a great place to post reviews and information about your products, competitive products, local skate parks, tricks, how-to’s and more.

“Why Blog” – In a Nutshell

Blogging draws potential customers to your website by producing interesting, helpful and informative content.

You’ll capture more traffic from search engines, establish your company and staff as the experts and educate customers and potential customers about your products, services and industry.

If you have a company blog, and do it right, your blog can be a lucrative source of leads and sales for your business.

Skeptical about whether your potential customers even use search engines? Or search for information related to your industry? Read This. It’s a blog post I wrote a couple weeks ago about a marketing conference where every speaker was saying the same sort of thing.

Blogging is absolutely a marketing strategy that every business owner/manager needs to have on their radar and consider whether it’s right for their business.

If your company wants to introduce a blog, this does not mean that you and your staff have to manage and write it!

If you need someone to help create a strategy, set it up, write the content, or manage it, please check out this page about How We Help.