Pudding ParfaitsWho doesn’t wish their website received more traffic?

Not just any visitors I hope! Visitors who are interested in, and ideally in the market to buy, your products or services.

Yes, it’s possible to attract your ideal customers to your website – without spending a cent on advertising (although, advertising can help). One way to do this is by blogging – and it works.

Not just any “blogging”, I’m referring to creating relevant and helpful content that answers the questions your ideal customers are asking.

Your blog content is unique, and kept fresh with regular updates.

Why does blogging drive traffic to your website?

Because every time you write something really great, that answers questions your prospects are asking, you create a new page on your website for…

  • search engines to index and send traffic to
  • your ideal customers to find when performing an online search
  • web surfers to share via email and social media
  • other websites to link to and share with their readers

AND as your website grows with unique and high quality content, search engines will take note and boost that content even higher in their search results.

In other words, search engines prefer websites that have more pages of unique content.

It’s true, keep reading…

The Proof of the Pudding Is In the Eating

As a marketing consultant I’m a big advocate of blogging as part of an inbound marketing strategy. The benefits are more than just increasing traffic, but in keeping on topic let’s look at some real world examples.

After less than a year of managing a blog for one of our clients, they receive 500+ extra unique visitors to their website each month…without spending any money on advertising. What would you do if you had an additional 500 visitors to your website each month?

Another client whose blog we manage saw their total website traffic increase by 450% in the first year blogging.

Hubspot, creators of a popular inbound marketing software, ran a comparison of their clients that blog, versus their clients that do not blog. They found that the businesses that blog receive 55% more visitors to their website than those that don’t have a blog.

Their study also revealed that companies that blog receive 97% more links from other websites.  AND companies that have a blog on their website get more pages indexed by search engines (434% more).

Not only does the pudding look good, it tastes good as well!

As with any marketing endeavor, your blog should be approached with a plan. It’s not enough to just throw it up there and wait for the visitors to pour in.

Your plan will ensure you know things like…Who is going to write your content? How often? What will they write about? Who are your ideal customers? What do they care about? What questions are they asking? Why do you want more traffic to your website? Do you want to convert some of these visitors to leads? How? Who will follow up with leads?

As always, if you’d like to bring in a consultant to help create or execute your strategy please call me at 506-645-7402, or send an email.

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