8 *Legit* Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

I’d bet that at one time or another anyone who manages a Facebook page wondered how they can get more “Likes”. It’s a question I’m asked a lot, so let’s talk!

One “tip” you won’t see in this post is the old “LIKE AND SHARE” tactic. I see this everyday, well-intentioned page admins asking one and all to “LIKE AND SHARE” their content for a chance to win…something.

Not only does this defeat the purpose of a Like (we will Like you because we want free stuff, not because we actually like you), it’s annoying, and against the Facebook Page Guidelines. Please stop.

“Shit, how am I supposed to get more Likes now?”

1. Post REMARK-able Content

Post amazing content and people will naturally want to comment, like and share with their friends…which means your posts will appear in more news feeds, introducing a wider audience to your greatness!

2. Make Your Ask Enticing (Remind them why your page is great)

Which of the following appeals to you more?

          “Like us on Facebook!”

               – or –

          “Like us on Facebook for exclusive content and special offers!”

Whenever possible, mention an incentive with your call to action. Tell them why they should like your page. Do you post free advice, sneak peaks, insider info or discounts? This is an incentive to Like!

3. Give Something Away (aka “Like-Gating”)

Give an exclusive freebie/content to everyone who Likes your page. Key word here being ‘exclusive’, let them know it’s only for those who Like your page…and keep it that way.

Think of something your customers and potential customers would consider valuable, but that you can give away at no cost, or low cost to your company. For example: an e-book, behind the scenes video, a seat upgrade, a discount, a contest entry.

There are a number of Facebook apps you can use to set up Like-Gating:


4. Invite Your Friends

Watch this simple video to see how to take advantage of Facebook’s Invite Friends feature.

 5. Use Facebook Ads

I can’t say enough good things about Facebook advertising as a fantastic way to target people who may be interested in your products or services.

How many advertising mediums allow you to laser target your purchases with this much detail…let’s say you represent a golf resort that caters to couples – with Facebook ads you can target only to those Facebook users who are married and have listed “traveling” and “golf” as an interest.

Drive these users to your resort’s Facebook page and a portion will convert to Likes. Combine this with Like-Gating by using your ad to promote the freebie users will receive if they Like your page.

Get started with Facebook ads.


6. Create a Username for your Facebook Page

A default Facebook page URL looks something like this:


Good luck promoting that!

With a little magic you can have a much shorter, easy to remember URL, such as:


Watch this video to see how it works

Pop over to this page to create a custom username for your Facebook page, if you haven’t already. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Be warned: once you create your page username you can only change it once – so put some thought into this and create something short and easier to remember.

7. Promote the Heck Out of Your Page

Get a custom username (URL) for your page, then promote the heck out of it!

Include your Facebook page URL on all marketing materials (brochures, posters, flyers), as well as…

  • your company website,
  • your email signature,
  • your social profiles (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.),
  • your business card,
  • your customer receipts & invoices,
  • in your print and broadcast ads

8. Run a contest

Running a contest is a great way to generate buzz and get people talking about and interacting with your page.

Word of warning though…as soon as you give something away a whole lot of people are going to jump on board just because they want free stuff – and not necessarily because they actually Like your company or brand.

Before running a contest consider whether the new Likes it generates will be meaningful. For example, if you represent a National Hockey team, how valuable are 5000 new Likes if they all hate hockey but wanted a chance to win a Visa gift card?

I recommend tailoring your giveaway to be appealing to your target audience, but not appealing to the general public.

If that proves difficult you could opt to be selective on how you promote the contest. For example, if you manage a resort in New Brunswick you might be interested in growing a New England following…so you purchase Facebook ads targeting users who live in the New England area, and avoid promoting the contest locally.

Check out the following Facebook apps for contests:


That wraps up 8 Legitimate Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes, but the list is certainly not exhaustive. Have some favorite ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below…