Text Reminder to Apply SunscreenYes, text messaging can be used to improve your health.

For example, the Center for Connected Health conducted a 6-week trial with 70 Americans. Half of the participants received daily text message reminders to apply their sunscreen, the other half did not.

At the beginning of the study both groups had similar rates of sunscreen use…then something changed.

Of those who received daily reminders via text, 56% used sunscreen daily, compared to only 30% of those who did not receive daily reminders.

Not only that – 69% of those who received the daily messages said they’d like to continue receiving them and a whopping 89% would recommend the program to someone else.

Similar success stories have been found with using text messages to help people quit smoking and cut back on drinking.

Check out the infographic below, created by Online Courses.

Note that from a scientific standpoint, there may be gaps in some of the studies highlighted in this infographic – nevertheless, the implications are positive.


The Benefits of Texting Infographic