Volkwagen Mexico just launched a smart new campaign to raise awareness about the storage capacity of their commercial vans.

Volkswagen Orange Crate QR CodeIn short, their team worked through the night to pile orange crates (and yes, they were filled with oranges), into the pattern of a giant, scan-able QR Code.

They used light colored crates to mimic the background and dark colored crates to create the pattern.

To me, it is a sheer work of engineeringĀ genius that the pattern turned out – not to mention the creativity behind the idea in the first place.

What I really love about this campaign is that the QR Code does something very relevant and ‘cool’ when you scan it. It pops open a time-lapseĀ video that shows the crates being disassembled – and they all fit into the back of a Volkswagen Crafter van.

In a round-about, but incredibly interesting and shareable way, the purpose of this campaign is accomplished – viewers are shocked to see how much cargo the Volkswagen Crafter holds.

This is one commercial that won’t need paid time on TV to ‘be seen’!

Watch the process here: