Stand Out From Your CompetitorsThis blog post is not about being different for the sake of being different, it’s about being different for the sake of being better.

When you do the things that matter, in a way that is BETTER than your competition, you’ll have happier customers; and you’ll get noticed more and talked about more.

Here is a strategy that works to ensure your products or services stand out in the marketplace – and for reasons that actually matter.

1. Think about some aspect of your product or business that your customers and potential customers care about. Things like:

  • Shipping cost/time
  • Product packaging design
  • Your website
  • Return policy
  • Service wait time
  • How much knowledge your staff have
  • Ease of use
  • Guarantee
  • Ambiance of your location
  • Customer support options/wait times
  • Appointment scheduling options
  • Membership fees

2. Now consider how most of your competitors do it. What is this aspect of the customer experience usually like when someone purchases products/services in your niche?

3. Finally, brainstorm ways that your company can do it differently – and better. Get a team together and write down everything you come up with. No idea is too ridiculous or big. Some you might consider:

  • Free shipping on ALL purchases
  • No time limit on returns
  • Make something uncomfortable, comfortable
  • Different shaped product packaging (ex. a cylinder instead of a rectangle)
  • Do it in a fraction of the time (ex. the 10-minute oil change)
  • One set price instead of tiered pricing
  • Make something complicated easy to use
  • Simple results guarantee, or it’s free
  • Free life-time maintenance
  • Make it environmentally friendly
  • Your meal is free if it’s not ready in 15 minutes

Now, which will you chose to implement?

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