Diesel's Real Life "Likes"Mobile Marketing can be anything from having your own app, to text message marketing, to QR Codes and on and on.

Essentially it is using a mobile device to engage with, or market to consumers.

Let’s look at a few ways retail stores can use this type of marketing to sell more product, spread the word and engage your customers.

QR Codes

A QR Code is much like a bar code, except it is meant to be scanned by your customers’ mobile phone. You choose what you want the code to do when scanned.


  • Open your Facebook page so they can easily & instantly connect with your business on Facebook.
  • Open a YouTube video showing how your product is made.
  • Open a mobile-friendly page on your website for more info on the product, or to buy it.
  • Wishlists – open a text message with the product details already typed so they can send an “I want this!” hint to someone on their contact list.

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing (aka SMS Marketing), involves your customers opting-in to receive text messages from your business. Everything from the opt-in process to building your customer list is automated.

In a nutshell, here are some ways you can use it:

  • Build a list of customers who want to be notified when you’re having a big sale. Rather than individually calling your list (as some retail stores do) you can simply send one text message that reaches everyone instantly.
  • Trying to unload a clearance or overstocked item? ┬áSend a text message to your list letting them know.
  • Hosting a special event or fundraiser? Your loyal customers will be happy to know about it!
  • Reward your subscribers with special offers or opportunities just for them.

Those are a few ways that retail stores can use mobile marketing. Which are your favorites?


How Diesel Uses QR Codes to Enable Real-Life “Likes”