The team over at Text Marketer in the UK has released the results of a survey they commissioned to examine consumer attitudes towards receiving text messages from corporate organizations.

The results of these types of surveys are always interesting, and although the consumers surveyed are in the UK, their findings would be, to a degree, universal.

Overall the results showed that response to these text messages is positive; not only that, consumers actually welcome the messages. Two thirds say they would like to receive text discounts from companies they have purchased from in the past 3 months.

Better still – 49% say they are highly or quite likely to join a text offers list from a company they know and trust, and 48% are either ‘highly likely’ or ‘quite likely’ to respond to a text offer.

Check out all the results in the infograph below…and just in case you were wondering, SMS stands for ‘short message service’, in layman’s terms that is a text messaging.

Source: Text Marketer