Just for fun we’ve compiled a collection of photos that capture QR codes in unusual places.  Disclaimer: we don’t necessarily endorse these as good uses of QR codes!

If you scan them you’ll see most of these codes have been disabled.


QR Code Cupcakes

These edible QR Codes were whipped up by Clever Cupcakes in Montreal.

Our best guess as to how they did it is by printing the codes on edible paper just like bakers do when putting a photo on a birthday cake, for example.

QR Code Cupcakes

Photo Credit: Clever Cupcakes (They’ve since closed their business)


World Record Holding QR Code

This 10,000 sq ft QR Code was painted by Southern Resources and Hackerspace Charlotte and broke the world record for largest permanent QR Code.

It was painted on the roof of Souther Resources late last year and is now visible on Google maps.

World's Largest QR Code


Wrapped Up

This new 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class will debut at the Geneva motor show in March.  The QR Code on the car is part of a contest to win a trip for two to Geneva to see the premiere.

Benz QR Code

During February the QR Codes will resolve to a free app “the A-Class QR-Trophy” which allows participation in the competition and the collection of “badges”.

Badge collection is by scanning QR Codes which will be found in print and social media. Collect four unique badges and you’re automatically entered into the draw.


Knitting a QR Code

QR Codes don’t have to be black and white, as long as you have enough contrast between the background and the foreground you’re good to go.

Nor must the code be printed on paper.

Knitting a QR Code