The Naked QR CodeNaked QR Codes #fail

I think QR Codes are really great, but due to a lot of misuse they are in danger of getting a bad reputation.

But….before you write them off all together, think of it this way, are QR Codes ineffective and boring, or are they being used in ineffective and boring ways? I think it’s the latter.

Take the naked QR Code, for example. You’ve seen them, just a random QR Code on a poster, flyer or product with no context and no explanation of what you’ll get or see if you scan it.  I liken it to selling a product in a plain white box with only the words “Buy Me”….the customer will ask ‘Why?’.

When implementing QR Codes into your marketing material…

Try This….”Scan Here to Watch How this Product is Made”

Or This….”Scan Here to Receive an Instant Coupon for $5 off”

Or This…”Scan Here to Enter the Contest”

Or This…”Scan Here to Buy This Product Online”

Not This….ahem, there is no call to action

Key Point: When your QR Codes are getting dressed, they should always include a compelling incentive & call to action.

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