The other day I bought a bunch of bananas at the grocery store and when I got them home I noticed one had a QR Code sticker, in place of a produce label.

Under the QR Code it simply said “Like Us”.
Del Monte Banana With QR Code


I really have to give kudos to Del Monte – they got this right.

For one, this is a novel use of QR Codes, on a piece of fruit.

They also let the consumer know the purpose of the QR Code – “Like Us”.

After scanning the code my phone opened up the Facebook Mobile version of their Facebook page where I could very easily click the “Like” button in the first screen view. All to often QR Codes link to the regular web, rather than a page optimized for mobile devices.

All in all this is a great way to promote their Facebook page with very little cost. The people most likely to “Like” their brand on Facebook are the people who actually like (and buy) their products in real life.

P.S. I did some digging around and discovered that bananas aren’t the only products Del Monte tags with QR Codes…